Linda I. Shares Her Story

Linda I.
A beach scene

I was told on October 11, 2007, that I had non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). I was 46 years old with 2 kids — 7 and 12 year olds — at home waiting for me.

I had an MRI and PET scan and had my second lung cancer diagnosis. I went to Lombardi Cancer Center in Georgetown (Washington, DC) and they took care of me.  Those amazing people guided me on my journey with bilateral lung cancer.

I was not aware of biomarkers back then, but I had bilateral thoracotomies and chemotherapy.

I survived.    

In 2016, I was told about my next diagnosis.

This time, the treatment was a wedge resection, and I was told I was KRAS-positive. They biopsied my first two specimens and they were KRAS-positive as well.

I am now turning 62 in August. I’m still here to do so many things with my family and friends. I still work full-time. I hit the gym and I take care of my family. 

I found that life can be very short. I like to travel and hit the beach. During the summer, we go boating.

I have seen many of my LUNGevity friends lose the cancer battle — and it hurts! I also have been very fortunate to be a survivor just like they were, and many of us still are.

I have been involved with LUNGevity events for a long time and I am thankful for all the support and friends I have made over the years. We are SURVIVORS!