Helpful Apps for People Living with Cancer

Nick Baker, Website Content Manager
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As mobile apps become more ingrained in our lives, it’s natural to look for ones that can help manage a cancer diagnosis. As for which app to choose, it really comes down to what you’re looking for, what you’re comfortable with, and what fits your needs.  

This list of helpful apps for people living with cancer includes ones that range from very basic, essentially a mobile pen and piece of paper, to all-in-one solutions that make medication tracking, document management, and communication easier. 


Yes, the basic Notes app that automatically comes with your phone might be all you need. It’s very simple but can handle many different tasks. From creating a list of questions for your next appointment, to taking notes during one, or even keeping track of the side effects you're experiencing. 

This is as close as it gets to using pen and paper to write down notes but has the added benefit of always being with you on your phone, and importantly, while talking with your doctor and healthcare team.  

Who benefits the most: 

  • Those looking for something simple and basic 
  • People who typically use pen and paper, but prefer something that’s always with them 


The MediSafe app has a singular focus—managing medications. With a straightforward purpose, this app can be used to: 

  • Send medication reminders/notifications 
  • Track if you took your medication 
  • List all medications you have and the dosage 
  • Reminders when it’s time to refill 
  • Check for drug interactions 
  • Track side effects/symptoms 

This app falls into the basic and easy-to-use category that requires minimal effort. Set it up with your current medications, and either delete or add medications as your treatment changes. 

Who benefits the most: 

  • People who want to just track their medications 
  • Individuals who want a simple app with basic functions 
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One of the most comprehensive and detailed health apps out there, and it was specifically created for people living with cancer. The Cancer.Net app can easily become the go-to hub for all your cancer-related information. 

When you download and open the app for the first time it asks basic questions about your current situation to help personalize what you see and what you need. Then, you can begin adding and tracking things like: 

  • Appointments – Enter the date, time, address, and provider. 
  • Medications – Track all your medications by adding the name, dosage, frequency, reminder notifications, and if it causes any side effects or symptoms. 
  • Symptoms – Whenever you are feeling a symptom, simply open the app to track the time and severity of it. 
  • Questions – An entire tab focused on logging questions you want to ask at your next appointment, as well as an option to record an audio response from your doctor during that appointment so you can refer back to it. 

The ease of use is a definite plus of this app. It guides you through adding notes and has dedicated tabs for different topics. A major benefit of this app is it creates reports for you that can show trends over time. Such as how your symptoms decrease or increase in severity, adherence to medication, and additional health data points like sleep analysis and resting heart rate if you have a wearable device, fitness tracker, or smartwatch. 

Who benefits the most: 

  • Those seeking a “do-it-all" app 
  • Individuals who want to track symptoms 
  • People who like data  
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The primary function of this app is what makes it unique to this list. LivingWith is a support network management app that allows you to ask for help, such as a ride to an appointment, from people in your “Circle.” Friends and family member can easily be added to your "Circle" by downloading the app. It also gives caregivers, who may be more tech savvy, the ability to manage daily living tasks for loved ones. 

The app takes text messaging to the next level. Instead of texting someone for help, or using a group chat, you’re able to create a “Task” which is then visible to everyone who has the app and is part of your “Circle.” These people can then indicate they are able to help, and it is added to their app with a reminder set for when you need their assistance. The “Tasks” are customizable and can be used for anything, healthcare-related or not. 

Aside from the primary function of being a support network manager, this app has other basic but important functions such as medication reminders, document management, appointment notes, and tracking questions you want to ask your doctor.  

Who benefits the most: 

  • Primary caregivers 
  • Those without consistent transportation 
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Perhaps the most well-known health-focused app on this list, MyChart is a patient portal app that connects patients to their doctors. To get the full features of this app your healthcare provider must also be signed up, something you can easily figure out by asking them. 

Similar to Cancer.Net, this is an all-in-one app that can be a single source of document management, medication reminders, appointment scheduling, and more. This app goes beyond managing cancer, and can be used as a total health management tool that stores all your medical records. 

If your provider also uses the app, it means you can easily schedule in-person or virtual appointments, send messages to your medical team, view lab results as soon as they’re available, and get post-appointment notes directly from your team. 

Who benefits the most: 

  • Individuals whose healthcare provider also uses the app 
  • People who like one app for all their needs 
  • Those who are willing to be hands-on and organize everything in one app 
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